Welcome to Morris UK – Providing business advice and consultancy

We work with small businesses and community based organisations that need practical business help. We offer a fast, simple service that meets needs, through a range of products and services. Our knowledge and experience in these areas enables us to provide helpful assistance that is second to none.

How we can help you

We offer the following products and services:

  • Business Planning – we will help you to write your business plan
  • Financial Projections – includes 3 years monthly projections
  • Grants and Loans – we have a long experience of supporting successful grant applications
  • Marketing – part of the business plan but is so important that we think it should be separate
  • Mentoring – working with you to be confidential and non-judgmental
  • Business Assessment – interpretations of your accounts


We charge a daily rate agreed by negotiation. We work very quickly and efficiently and acknowledge the need to keep your costs down.

The Consultant

Trained as a professional engineer, operated successful businesses in Pembrokeshire over 20 years .

Business Adviser/Consultant in South and West Wales since 1988 particularly working with creative, tourism, and innovative, small and community businesses.

Established as an independent Business Consultancy in 2003.Contract work carried out under WTB and WDA business consultancy contracts.

Successful track record of supporting the development of successful businesses by providing:

  • Management support
  • Financial planning
  • Business planning
  • Marketing
  • Obtaining grants
  • Supporting applications for loans
  • Just ordinary help to desperate business people

Approach is to support the development of the individuals within the client businesses in a step by step approach agreed within the aims and budget of the client.


Please contact us on Ben@MorrisUK.co.uk or by calling 01834 813 578 / 07795462484 for more information